Exquisite Pools

Only in Las Vegas do we have some of the most breath taking Pools and exotic stone patios. Sealed with Natural Luster

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Strip and Restore

Strip, Power Wash, add sand, and seal multiple coats of our commercial grade water-based two part sealers. The system that works in our extreme climate. Back to NEW

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Extreme Backyards with Multiple Levels

All levels washed and sealed popping the color and making you the envy of your neighborhood

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Not your Average Driveway

After power washing and sealing, these results always amaze!

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Restoration is our specialty

Turn that dull colorless driveway into new, long lasting and renewed!

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Did we mention Driveways?

Every homeowner has one, we just make them look incredible.

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Since the day I started
Over 8 years ago, I went to Florida to train with the manufacturer of our commercial grade sealer. There I learned all about the process, step by step, from proper power washing, taking cleaning pavers to a whole new level, wet sanding, a technique that takes quite some time to master, which helps eliminate air pockets when sanding, and utilizing our product specific spray rig to apply the sealer, coat after coat for proper coverage and enhancement. After 1000's of residences, we have achieved a level of customer service ahead of our competition, before and after the service is provided. Chances are I have sealed a neighbor. Remember we are the Original, Paver Sealing Vegas.

Paver Sealing Experts

Paver Sealing Vegas, BBB A+ Accredited, Great reviews, Certified Experts in Sealing Technology, and outstanding customer service! Always FREE Estimates
True Color Enhancement
Our main service is to restore the color of pavers from faded looking to new and exciting rich color! Advances in technology allow us to achieve amazing results.
Proper Prep
Proper cleaning, power wash, treat stains, remove spills, and embedded dust will drastically create better than expected results! Having the right equipment and experience is our strength.
Super Wet Look
Our main goal is to make a rich wet look to your existing pavers. It is what we specialize in, and it lasts longer, with no peeling, and easy reseal. Seal n Lock Super Wet has proven to be the right product.
All in ONE Day Process
Our all in one day process will leave your neighbors envious! Our sealer can be applied after washing, less downtime, fast results! Not many products or systems can boast this!

Services We Provide

Proper Cleaning

Proper prep is key to amazing results. Power washing, adjusting sand and multiple coats of sealer is our key to success!

Strip old Sealer and Re-Seal

Stripping old sealer and restoring your paver back to new is our specialty. Not every job can be restored so call us to find out!

Commercial Grade Products

We only use commercial grade products which can survive our climate! Seal n Lock, Sherwin Williams and Surebond are just a few.

Sealed Pavers

After proper prep, sealing will not only protect your paver from the elements, but it will also enhance the color making you the envy of your street.
Our amazing clients


This is, by far, the best paver sealing company in Las Vegas. Scott provides initial quotes in writing, explains the process and utilizes the best materials in the industry. Scott is on time, polite and communicates with you throughout the process to ensure that you and your family will be happy with the end result. If you want the best company for your pacers, hire Scott from PS Vegas(Paver Sealing Vegas). Thanks for your impeccable work Scott. Andrea

Andrea C

Feel confident in calling Scott and have him reseal your pavers he is awesome and a great person to boot.

Tom M Las Vegas

Care was taken to power wash and then evenly apply sealer to all pavers, and I was very satisfied with the work done. Instructions for drying time were clear and helpful.

Carolina S North Las Vegas

I had read some positive reviews about this company and decided to reach out. So glad I did!!

Rob N Henderson, NV

Thanks Scott for making our driveway and walkway Waaayyyy better than it'd been in years and for your great customer service and fair price.

Dan D Las Vegas, NV

Awesome! Just awesome, the pavers look amazing, the customer service was superb, the price was unbeatable, and way cheaper then if I did it myself. Highly recommend!

Brendan B Las Vegas, NV

We have had our fair share of shady contractor experiences since moving back to Las Vegas, so I wanted to thank a good one.

Lacey B Las Vegas, NV