We seal more than just standard brick pavers with our variety of commercial grade sealers from the Seal N lock Product line.

We power wash and thoroughly clean the popular Pebble stone driveways that tend to look faded and even white in areas.  Our process can include a simple stain additive that deepens the color you once had. The final product brings the pebble stones back to life with rich color and sparkle that will have your neighbors jealous with envy. 

When it comes to stamped or stained concrete patios and driveways, our system restores most surface back to new. After a full cleaning, our stains and sealers combine to produce a rich color and deep shine. A rustic look can also be accomplished with our techniques. Competitors charge 2 to 3 times more for a similar process that will not last any longer or provide better protection.


We also clean and seal hardscape stone work. Travertine and other exotic stones get our process as well. After a proper cleaning, multiple coats are applied, first by spray followed by back-rolling to ensure a smooth clean coating making the area pop with a sheen or shine and enhanced color captivating the overall look.