Natural Luster® paver sealer from Seal ‘n Lock is a modified acrylic urethane sealer for brick pavers (with an algae and mold inhibitor) that penetrates the pavers to provide a protective barrier with superior joint stabilization (no need for polymeric sand) resulting in a natural luster. Natural Luster® paver coating is user friendly and environmentally safe.

Natural Luster® is user friendly and environmentally safe.

All Seal ‘n Lock products are made of the most environmentally-friendly products available, and offer excellent weatherability, UV protection, and help prevent algae and mold. All of our cleaning and sealing products and specialty coatings are VOC compliant in all 50 states and exceeds all hardscape product manufacturer’s minimum standards guidelines.


  • Superior Joint Stabilization
  • Minimal toxic odor
  • Inhibits Algae & Mold Growth
  • Inhibits weed growth and ant mines
  • Modest Enhancement
  • Will not harm vegetation
  • No need for polymeric sand
  • UV Protection
  • Provides a Protective Barrier
  • Hot tire marking resistant
  • VOC compliant in all 50 states
  • One day process (No downtime)
  • It May be applied to a damp surface
  • User friendly and environmentally safe